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Nike KD 10 Performance Review

Outside the paint full palm Zoom Air cushion, after a new debugging, thick heel not only slow down the impact of the foot, but also bring a strong resilience. Full palm Zoom to bring a strong rebound touch, even if the daily travel wear, but also easy to feel to, as in the rubber on the general, in the first time immediately capture your feet!

The thin design of the forefoot, so that feedback more direct, break more flexible and easier to control. Has a gap before and after the air cushion design, not only improve the multi-directional performance, even if the usual walk is extremely comfortable and natural!

Abrasion resistance
Xiao Bian in order to test the degree of wear, almost every day wearing a trip, and in two months time, carried out 20 actual combat tests, the venue was 12 outdoor and 8 indoor. This Nike Zoom KD 10 LMTD EP although the use of light blue crystal at the end, but it seems that the degree of wear is good performance, but also XDR version of the sale.

For everyone to know the trachea problem, Xiaobian also conducted a test to improve the connection after the trachea no problem! With the rainy weather increased, Xiaobian also wear Nike KD 10 Celebration leaching rain over the water, because the water will accelerate the oxidation , So the soles have obvious yellow!
Has a good air permeability, we choose a summer shoes a big standard, and KD 10 “socks shoes” design, line and line the formation of the staggered nature of the hole, bringing good breathable performance! Whether it is basketball combat, or daily commute , Will not appear hot situation!

If each component of a shoe doesn’t flow together and act as one then you’ll never form Voltron. Er, you’ll never find balance.

The heel area worked beautifully, but the midfoot left much to be desired. That lack of midfoot containment caused a sloppy fit which reduced the support offered. Had those nylon lace loops rode up the sidewall of the shoe a bit more, well, then you’d have the KD 9 Elite, and you likely wouldn’t have had a sloppy fit. Despite the base of the shoe being a solid platform, it just wasn’t enough to say these are cutting it in the support department. The pieces are there, they just don’t work well together.

Slim shoes with integrated shoe body, in the case of non-shoelaces, feel a good package. And covered the entire upper of the thick lace, as the bandages in general, the feet will be firmly wrapped live. But because the instep woven fabric thin, wearing thin socks in the long-term movement, the foot will appear Le feel, it is recommended in the actual wear thick socks.

Similar to the soles of the soles of the end of the design, seven directions of the water wave pattern, making the break up more flexible. Whether in the field, or field, not only to bring a stable grip, touch the feedback is also extremely good.

Nike KD 10
White/Chrome-Pure Platinum
June 1, 2017

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