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Nike LeBron 15 Performance Review

Recently mentioned basketball shoes, everyone is talking about Nike LeBron 15, seems to dominate the basketball shoe market, do not buy a pair are sorry for their own, so I tried this pair of legendary LeBron 15.

According to the official statement: James for Nike LeBron 15 Ghost evaluation is “so far, this is my favorite sneakers”, you can see the shoes demanding high Zhanhuang, for LeBron 15 score is very high, he also Added, “superior performance, exquisite appearance, so that both shoes in the field or field are attractive enough.” In terms of performance has a sound and radical evolution, in the fashion cross-border, we have seen a lot Signs, LeBron 15 at the same time the combination of the industry is bound to be exceptionally rich, so then everyone in the stadium and the street, should be able to see its shadow. Using the upgraded version of Flyknit weaving material, while improving the performance of the sport at the same time, you can see the physical visual expression is also more abundant, there are more levels, there are more forms, if different colors Flyknit intertwined with embroidery LeBron 15 probably will “dance”! In all the impression, LeBron series has been designed for large weight, and this LeBron 15 not only retains the explosive Max Air, also uses the sub-unit Zoom Air program, more sensitive and accurate power feedback, Is this pair of new shoes to bring you the stadium experience! This structure has a directional extension, fit lock and durable wear characteristics, James himself said: “About LeBron 15, people first need to understand is that this new Nike Flyknit has never been used in combat class shoes I’ve been working with Jason since LeBron 7, and since then we have been exploring how to make the shoes not only have excellent performance but also have a unique style.We want to design A piece of shoes that makes everyone feel great.

In general, Nike LeBron 15 for sale is a great shoe, we go to buy it. Many of the domestic evaluation is also a certain affirmation of the performance and design LeBron 15, it seems that is also a good voice of it.

I have most of the LeBron series, Nike LeBron 15 Ghost actually wears the most compelling or LeBron 14 and LeBron 10. In fact LeBron 15 is like the elite version of 14, especially on the shape of the shoe in the end of the shape is easy to think of LeBron 14, and lightweight uppers and coverage are like 14; wearing feelings are very close to LeBron 10 , The kind of Zoom Max soft feeling and return, but not the whole foot, but scattered in the same 14 and some of the force on the point.

In fact, LeBron 15 basketball shoes than the above two pairs of shoes have to force, LeBron 10 is out of the name is too soft, start and change are subject to the newly born Zoom Max air cushion, of course, even the comfort of this pair of shoes into today But also super-class; and LeBron 14 is a parcel, weak shoe material restricts the development of this pair of shoes, in the end I personally think that LeBron 14’s powerful midsole is more suitable for actual combat. But when the two together, LeBron 15 becomes comfortable and suitable for combat, Battleknit the upper is also quite to force, remove the Velcro can also be quite good after the wrapped feet, LeBron 14 than the performance to be excellent.

The general evaluation here should be over, but LeBron 15 to be a little different, after all, this is a pair of James that field can wear basketball shoes, so LeBron 15 also be able to match the usual dress.

Starting color selection is quite safe, not too bright and not dead, a good contrast to the new upper texture, with the wear is also quite good.

And the latest Ghost color is more beautiful, champagne upper is very emperor gas, usually wearing also seems quite texture.

Nike LeBron 15 Ghost
String/Vachetta Tan-Sail
October 17, 2017

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